James Gent

James Gent, 5th child of John Gent (b 1814) was born 4 October 1840 and married Ellen Pass (b 10 Feb 1838) on 20 Jun 1866 at St Peter’s Church, Chorley.  Although born in Waterhouse Green, Whittle le Woods he lived for 41 years at 72 Botany Brow, Chorley.

HN Gent 50_gyJames & Ellen Gent & Family

Name Yr of Birth Spouse(s) Yr of Marriage Place of Marriage
Joseph Edward Gent 1867 Annie Brownley 1890 St Peter’s, Chorley
Alice Jane Gent 1868 Frederick Gaskell 1908 St Peter’s, Chorley
James Henry Gent 1871 Sarah Ann Lingard 1897 St Peter’s, Chorley
Ralph Gent 1876 Mary Jane Ward 1900 St Peter’s, Chorley


Grave: James & Ellen Gent
Grave of James & Ellen Gent
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James Gent died on 13 November 1907 and was buried with his wife Ellen, who died on 14 June 1904, in the churchyard of St Peter’s Church, Chorley.












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