Agnes Ann & Elizabeth Alice Gent

Agnes & Alice_merged_1
(left) Agnes Ann Gent & (right) Elizabeth Alice Gent

Agnes Ann Gent, Calico Weaver, born 11 May 1874 Whittle le Woods, died 28 November 1945, aged 71, eldest child of John Gent (1848-1924) and Mary Garstang (1873-1915)

Elizabeth Alice Gent, Cotton Weaver, born 2 February 1882 Whittle le Woods, died 1 March 1972, aged 90, 5th child of John Gent and Mary Garstang.

Agnes at school 660
Agnes Gent, 2nd left, middle row Whittle le Woods school c 1885


Agnes & Alice _merged_2
(left)Elizabeth Alice Gent & (right) Agnes Ann Gent


Agnes, Alice & Annie 600
Agnes, sister-in-law Annie (widow of Ned Gent who died aged 34 in 1918) and Alice Gent


Agnes, Alice & Jim whitsun 1935_600
Agnes, nephew Jim (youngest son of brother William) and Alice Gent c 1932



Agnes, Alice & Bessie 600
(left to right) unknown, Bessie Gent, unknown, unknown, Margaret Evelyn Gent, unknown, Agnes Gent, Alice Gent in the yard of 182 Elephant Lane, St Helens – c 1935


Gracie Fields & Alice 574
Alice Gent at her long service presentation ceremony with Gracie Fields c 1946. She had worked in the local textile mills for over 50 years as a cotton weaver.