Henry Medcalf Gent

Henry Medcalf Gent was the 1st son of Jonathan Gent (1785-1851)

Henry was christened at St Andrew, Leyland on 21 April 1809, but a number of censuses state his birthplace as Blackburn, which is highly likely as his parents were married on 6 March 1809 at St Mary in Blackburn.

Henry was a joiner and a beer seller.  He married Alice Lawson on 30 August 1829 in Bolton when he was aged 20 and she was 19 years old.  They had 12 children in total, two-thirds of which died in infancy in Bolton.

His 3 surviving children all lived into their sixties.

Wedding Year
 Elizabeth Towers Gent  1833-1894  James McNiven  1858  St Peter, Bolton
 Mary Ann Gent  1836-1904  Moses Crankshaw  1860  St George, Bolton
 John Lawson Gent  1837-1840
 James Lawson Gent  1839-1901
 John Towers Gent  1840-1842
 George Towers Gent  1842-1842
 Louisa Medcalf Gent  1843-1846
 Jonathan Towers Gent  1844-1845
 Sarah Jane Gent  1847-1858
 Alice Gent  1848-  William Baron  1870  Holy Trinity, Bolton
 Henry Gent  1849-1849
 Ann Gent  1851-1851



[Infant mortality in Bolton in mid C19]

James Lawson Gent…