19th Century Huntsmen

“[Zachariah Goddard]…had 4 sons who all followed his profession.  Besides Jack, the inventor of “Tailby Thursdays”, and Ben late of the Bicester, there was Jem, a very determined fellow who died when first whip to Ben Foote with Mr Villebois; and Tom, who was very distinguished as a steeple-chaser and first-whip with the Pytchley, but he too died young, and is buried … at Brixworth…”  
 Scott & Sebright by the Druid (1862)  

John ‘Jack’ Goddard

John was born in 1817 in Stratford upon Avon.  He worked as whipper-in to Jem Hill (huntsman) with Lord Redesdale’s Pack at the Heythrop Hunt early in his career.  In the 1850s he ran the White Hart Inn, Chipping Norton – the cry of the hounds was too strong a pull for him however and by 1861 he was working as Huntsman with the Billesdon Hunt, whose Master was Mr Tailby – hence John’s introduction of ‘Tailby Thursdays’.  He left the Billesdon Hunt in 1863 when he was 45 and became Huntsman to the Quorn Hunt under Mr Clowes and with Jem M’Bride and Tom Firr as whips.  Despite being too rheumatic and stiff to discharge the duties of huntsman he could not quit the hunting profession and rode as second horse to Mr Musters with the Quorn.  He was whip to the South Notts Hunt in 1871/2 before becoming a stud groom at Lowdham near Nottingham, where he died in 1880, aged 63, and where he is buried.

Benjamin Goddard

Ben Goddard was born in Stratford upon Avon, Warwickshire in 1820.  He was a whipper-in with the Cheshire Hunt in 1841 and first whip with the Bicester Hunt 10 years later.  When the New Kennels for the Bicester Hunt were completed at Stratton Audley Ben became Huntsman.  The Kennels were built by the Master of the hunt, Mr Drake.  While Mr Drake spent 2 years recovering from a severe injury to his spine (caused by a fall from his horse) in 1855, Ben and the Bicester hounds were lent to Sir John Trollope, Master of the Cottesmore Hunt.  By 1858 Ben was Huntsman with the Bicester again and was the innkeeper of the Plough Inn, Stratton Audley until 1858.   In 1862 a testimonial for Ben was held by the Bicester Hunt [newspaper article].  By 1871 Ben was a farmer and innkeeper in Rampton, Nottinghamshire, where he died in 1873, aged 52yrs.

James Gorrod/Goddard

James Gorrod (aka Jem Goddard) was first whip to Ben Foote at Craven Hunt when the Master was Mr Villebois.  He  lived in Benham, Berkshire. He died in January 1843 aged 35 years from ‘Delirium Tremors’(DT’s) in the presence of a nurse.  Tremors can be caused by alcoholism and also by a head injury from a fall.

Thomas Goddard

Thomas (aka Tom) was born in Castle Hedingham, Essex.  He died in November 1844, aged 34, nearly two years after the death of his brother James aged 35.  Thomas is buried in All Saints Church, Brixworth, Northamptonshire.  His death certificate states the cause of death as ‘hydrothorax from pneumonia neglected’

Robert Worrall

Robert (Bob) Worrall was Zachariah Goddard’s son in law. Bob married Emma Goddard (Zac’s youngest daughter).  Bob started as kennel boy with the Warwickshire Hunt Kennels at Kineton when he was 11 years old.  He worked as a whip with the Warwickshire and Bicester Hunts between 1853 and 1865 before becoming a Hunstman with the Warwickshire Hunt.  He was given a testimonial in 1869 before moving, as Huntsman, to the VWH (Vale of the White Horse) Hunt based in Oakley Park, Cirencester.