Robert Worrall

Robert Worrall 300
Robert Worrall

John’s sister, Emma Goddard married Bob Worrall who rode with her brother Benjamin in the Warwickshire Hunt 1858-1861. He worked for many different hunts before retiring to Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire.

Worrall became celebrated and he is remembered in a hunt publication, in a chapter based on his diaries, as having a:

“bronzed sporting face, cheery smile, neat figure and capital seat on a horse. His delight in talking about hounds, horses and men – everything and everyone, in fact, connected with the chase – his respectful demeanour and his excessive keenness made him a universal favourite wherever he whipped in to or hunted hounds. Though he might have been a trifle too fond of the horn, it was a beautiful sight to see him bring his hounds out of covert, and charging the first fence… without removing it from his lips”

Worrall describes Ben as “one of the best friends one could ever have met with” and describes meeting him on one occasion when he was not hunting because“a stick had run into his eye”.