Overseers Accounts – Extract Nov 1804

Great Waldingfield Parish

Money to Reason
 Nov Thomas Halls Boy A shirt
A Diggin’s Wife A shift
Girl Cook 1 Pair Shoes
 9 Old Turkitine’s Wife
 10 John Porter No work  1s
Thos Crosman No work  1s
 12 John Fosker Shoes  3s
Widow Crosman  6d
Thos Crosman  1s
Gilbert Elliston senar  1s
Widow Segs  6d
An Norfolk’s Child  3d
Widow Boreham  1s
Elizabeth Gorred  6d
Widow Bowers  6d
Widow Mayhew  1s
Widow Pottle  6d
Paid for the insurance of the Workhouse  14s
Theobald  1s
 14 Gilbert Elliston Wife ill  1s
John Porter junior Wife ill  1s
 16 Theobald  1s
Widow Crosman  1s
 17 Gilbert Elliston  1s 6d
Robt Peggs Wife Half week  1s 6d
John King  6d
Thos Nice Wife A pair of shoes  5s
Matthew Mays 6s
Old Turketine’s Wife  1s
Widow Segg  6d
A Norfolk’s Child  3d
Widow Boreham  1s
Dame Bowers  6d
Widow Mayhew  1s
Widow Pottle  6d